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  • Yearly Protection = Peace of Mind

    Have you ever thought about how much electricity your home uses? Every time you flip a light on, turn on the TV or radio, or power up your microwave or computer, you’re expecting your home’s electrical system to be working. We rarely even give a second thought to items that power automatically such as our refrigerator, furnace, and air-conditioners. Not only do we lose track of how much electricity we’re consuming, but we also assume our home’s electrical system is staying safe.

    There is definitely more we can be doing to use less energy, save money, and increase electrical safety in our homes. Although cooking is the leading culprit of property fires in Minnesota, electrical and appliance malfunction are tied for second, representing 8% of all residential fires. On a national scale, the U.S. Product Safety Commission attributes electrical problems to 40,000 house fires each year.

    Millions of dollars are lost in electrical fire damages. Unfortunately, not enough homeowners know that annual maintenance is an affordable and locally available prevention tool.

    Boy’s Electric — Safety & Savings Plan

    Your Safety & Savings Plan includes: annual electrical inspections that are designed to locate and catch any minor problems before they become major problems, service savings exclusive to plan members, priority scheduling, and much more!

    Once a year, one of our professionally trained electricians will come to your home to ensure your electrical system is operating correctly and safely. Our full service maintenance plan includes evaluation of the following areas and fixtures:

    • The electrical box and connections to help prevent electrical failure
    • Exposed wiring for fraying, splices, and unsafe connections that could result in fire or injury
    • GFCI and AFCI protection and testing of all outlets for proper operation and safety
    • Proper placement of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and test all alarms
    • Inspect water heater, air-conditioner, and furnace disconnects to make sure they are operating correctly so in case of emergency they can be safely disconnected
    • The grounding system to help prevent plumbing leaks and dangerous electrical shocks

    In addition, Safety & Savings Plan members receive 10% off all services! Plus, if you move, your Safety & Savings Plan is transferable to your new home in our service area. As an added selling benefit, you may choose to leave your protection plan on your current home and transfer it to the new owners.

    Our Savings Plan Also Includes our HVAC Complete Home Service Protection Plan

    Service Plans include the following.

    3 Yearly Home Appointments which include:

    • Heating Rejuvination
    • Cooling Rejuvination
    • In-Depth Electrical Safety Inspection

    You’ll also receive tune-ups for:

    • Water Heaters
    • Humidifiers
    • Air Exchangers
    • Gas Fireplaces

    Our Complete Home Service Protection membership guarantees you priority, 24-hour hour service!

    In addition to priority service, you’ll receive additional discounts on services:

    • Trip charge waived with repairs
    • Standard 10% electrical service discount
    • 15% off HVAC repairs
    • 15% off indoor air quality products
    • 10% off system replacements

    If you would like to learn more about keeping your home and family safe, or to enroll in the Safety & Savings Plan, contact one of our friendly client care representatives at (651) 393-6830 or (612) 284-8623 today!